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Sister, Daughter, Grandaughter, Girlfriend & Friend... 


Kacy and I had a running joke…I’d always tell her “you know, you’re my favorite niece”… and she’d reply…. “I’d better be, I’m your only niece." But my favorite memories of Kacy were when she was little and would come to visit. She'd yell "Uncle Todd… Uncle Todd…." and jump into my arms and give me a big hug. - Uncle Todd


Kacy also always reminded me that she was my "favorite sister." - Brother Jeff


Kacy and I have had a lot of talks together. She was telling me what to do and I was telling her what to do. We did not always agree, but always stopped with a hug & kiss and saying I love you. - Grandma Barbara

This is a memory of Kacy and her never-forget memory:  When she was in high school, I told her that if she got good grades, I would take her on a shopping trip (notable since I do NOT shop and hate to spend money). She did, & I took her shopping. We both had a good time!

Years later she was getting steady 4.0 grades in her college courses, so she, of course, reminded me that she was due for a shopping trip; she suggested Tiffany’s, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom. She loved to needle me! - Grandfather Bill


This is a memory of Kacy's sense of humor: When we had our old sailboat with a lot of wood, Will, Mike, and Jeff would help me sand and varnish. When Kathleen got older, she kept pestering me to take her to work on the boat, which I finally did. Kathleen and her friend Allison

came, but in bathing suits and beach ready. I guess I gripped a bit going home about how little actual work was done. The next trip, they were at the boat, and presented me with a "Union Contract for the Boat Wenches of America". Among the terms were: (a) a 50 minute break every hour (b) a 30 minute clean-up break for lunch (c) lunch to be of their choice, delivered to the boat by Scotts Restaurant at Jack London Square. Grandfather Bill

​​I lived across the street from "Grandma" Barbara and "Grandpa" Bill all throughout my childhood. Some of my most fun memories in the neighborhood included the times that Kathleen would come to visit. We'd have "sleepovers" when we would play at each other's houses, play ball in the street, and even sometimes were treated to a pancake breakfast by Barbara and Bill! I will always remember Kathleen as being a ball of energy, full of zest for life and always cracking jokes. I came across this picture a few months ago as I was cleaning out my room, and couldn't resist sharing it with you all now. This was taken at a birthday party when I was 6 or 7, with me sitting in the chair in the middle. And there's Kathleen, of course, the one making a crazy face and practically popping out of the picture! This photo will always bring a smile to my face because of her. - Stefanie Potts Miller

Amazing Mother.... ​


Kat, Kacy, K.C., Kathleen, Kathy.... ​


Growing Up... ​

By Kelli Cutts

Flicker of ageless light,
Star gazer shining bright,
Impressionistic dancer,
Rainbow hair enhancer,
How we celebrate all you are.

Advanced soul
Perched on Art Spirit's knoll,
Apple Czar,
Right where you are,
We celebrate your playful grace.

We pledged,
We shouted,
We watched you go
Support everyone else's race.

Creative Mother,
Devoted friend,
Finding love as if for the first time,
Roy is real, his heart steadfast
Throughout the passing of a chime

We knew as you
While in brief form,
'Till graduation from Life's class,
Now part of the Milky Way's tail,
You've earned a 4.0's pass

To a realm full of peace
Beyond what we know,
Someday we'll graduate too,
Greet us there within the light
We've come to know as you.

Gentle beam of living love
Help us sing with you,
Help us hear,
Help us touch,
Help us make things new.

No limits to Love,
Time's just a word,
We hear when the senses are still,
Flutter... like a carefree bird,
Unconstrained by human drill.

We celebrate your twinkling eyes,
Your ready smile,
Your wise reprise
Of what should matter and what does not,
We celebrate in one brave shot.

Sweet niece
Travel to my desert plain,
Let's chat in meditation,
You sketch the terrain.
The beasts and I will ride with you
Beneath Mojave's sky
And as we go 
We shall not cry.

I know that you still are,
And can only continue to be
Celebrated in  Spirit,
A brilliant part of All,
Is granted now to thee.

Until we meet again...with love,
- Aunt Kelli

Shared from Friends & Family. ​

< Shared from Denise Martini (Family Friend)









< Shared from Jordan Tharp (Childhood Friend)










< Shared from Gail Simons (Mother of Childhood Friend from Brownies)

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In Memory of Kacy Samuels

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