One of Kacy's newest passions was health and excercise.  Focusing on having a healthier diet and also particpating in multiple half marathons, she really took excellent strides in inspiring her family to be more concious of their health.




"House in San Francisco" (pictured top left) created with pencil on paper in two point perspective by Kacy while studying at the Art Institue.


Kacy was a very active artist since high school and studied all forms of art including drawing, painting, photography, graphic design and dance. 











Cancer did not slow Kacy down when it came to helping others.  While fighter her own battle, she still found time to work on projects such as providing stockings for soliders with her sorority sisters.




When Kacy and her friend/sorority sister Tami started Sigma Rho Alpha (SRA), they felt it was best to avoid having an official "founding member" so as to not highlight one individual person over the sorority as a whole.  Kacy served as the sorority's first president and despite their original decision to not have a founding member, Tami and the rest of the SRA sisters came together after Kacy's passing and agreed to honor all of her hard work by making her the one and only founding member of the Sigma Rho Alpha sorority.  Tami said:  "She will forever be a part of our sisterhood and future sisters will now still have the chance to know her."


In addition to her Caps for Cancer work, Kacy also participated in and campaigned for the Relay For Life organization on Team Super Jake.  Long before she ever began her own personal battle with cancer, Kacy was out there fighting for a cure for others.  

In 2011, she wrote all of her family and friends ugring them to help in the fight.  


"I think we all have someone who has sadly been affected by cancer and it is such a tough thing.  RIght now my neighbor Mark, from San Diego is losing his battle and only has a few weeks to live.  His wife Molly was telling me how the American Cancer Society was such a life saver over the years." - Kacy



Just like with her quilting, Kacy took great pride in making scrapbooks for her loved ones to commemorate a special event or just to remind that person how much they meant to her.  Pictured to the left is a page out of one she made for her mom.  To make it extra special she asked family members to write letters to Diane talking about all that they loved about her.  One of many examples of how Kacy spent her life thinking of others.




Kacy definitely was a strong supporter of our troops.  One project she was working on was rallying people to write letters for her to send out in hopes of helping them feel a little more at home.  Here is a link to an editorial she wrote in the Contra Costa Times:



Just A Glimpse Of All The Things She Could Do 



Kacy participated in her sorority's Caps For Cancer project where they set out to create brand new caps for patients suffering the effects of chemotherapy and other skin related diseases.


"This is ironic - I'm knitting caps for cancer patients and I have cancer." - Kacy (of course said with an equal balance of humor and sarcasm)


Kacy's friend Debbie commented that she could never make a hat that turned out so nice as one of the ones Kacy made.  Kacy responded with "The yellow/stripe one was SUPER easy- big knitting needles, self striping yarn and took a couple hours its a really straight forward pattern without much fancy stuff. Just go then cinch at the top and sew the edges together. You could totally do it!"


One of Kacy's biggest passions was making quilts.  Specifically, she loved making them for other people.  Usually for no reason at all other than to just make them smile.